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Georgia’s Angels

48″ x 60″

Oil on Panel

Georgia’s Angels is an oil painting of my two twin daughters. At the time I had them pose for this painting they were a few months past their second birthday.  A few weeks before that birthday Georgia had been diagnosed as High Risk with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  She had just entered into her second phase of chemotherapy called Consolidation. Her hair was beginning to thin and she had just had a very close call with her recent treatments. It was an emotional time when this painting was conceived. Rayne is holding on tight to her sister and Georgia is trying to keep her close as well. The butterflies are swarming around them to keep them safe. They represent Angelic protection, thus her angels.


27″ x 18″

Oil on Panel

I have been asked, what is the significance of the white butterflies. The white butterflies have been important to me and my mother ever since my father past away several years ago. He was very ill and dying from Esophageal Cancer. My mother and him were with a friend and they saw a horde of white butterflies fly past them. They were amazed at how many they saw. Soon after he died she and I saw another large grouping of white butterflies. We liked to think that it was a kind of sign given to us. After that, every time we would see a white butterfly we would think of my Father and say hello. Recently, my mother has now past and I have shared the story with my daughters. Now we all give a little greeting to both my parents whenever we see a white butterfly flutter around us. It seemed a natural thing to start incorporating that idea into some of my painted works.

Ley Lines

18″ x 27″

Oil on Panel

The creation of Ley Lines came about in an interesting way. I had just finished and photographed Georgia’s Angels. I had the picture up on the computer screen. As I was starring at the image I started to play around with the elements in the painting. I moved a flower here and a butterfly there. I covred the face and then I sadly removed my other daughter Rayne. I thought I kind of like this new composition. So I played with it a little more and came up with what you see now.  And yes, since I removed Rayne I will have to do a companion piece with her in it, maybe call it, Ley Lines 2.

Ley Lines Composition Sketch

18″ x 27″

Oil and Pencil on Panel

This is a final composition layout sketch for Ley Lines. I wanted to play around with the color a bit so I drew it on a gessoed aluminum panel. I layed out the drawing with charcoal pencil. After doing some drawing techniques such as adding some splatter dots across the the panel I then added soem color washes to it. These washes were done with thinned down oil paints.

Georgia and Rayne Drawing

27″ x 30″

Charcoal on Panel

These two companion drawings are of my twin daughters Georgia and Rayne. The drawing of Georgia commemorates the period of time in which she lost her hair because of the chemotherapy she had undergone. The drawings themselves were done by painting a combination of dust charcoal and mineral spirits onto a gessoed aluminum panel.