The Wonderful World of WordPress

WOnderful World WOrdpress

My new website is up. I completely re-did it, out with the old and in with the new.  So far I have added multiple galleries for my:  Paintings, Head Studies, Drawings and an On The Easel gallery where I plan to put shots of paintings that I am currently working on in different stages of completion. For the most part I have added all of my new work and hope to grow the galleries pretty quickly. On my Home Page I have a section of quotes that I have been collecting and an update section where I can give site updates and write about upcoming shows. Eventually I plan to add some e-commerce bits to it, but you have to walk before you can run.

It is always amazing how technology advances and how these technical things get easier and easier. My old website, which I built myself, was okay but it didn’t have any major bells and whistles. It just showcased my art pretty decently. I constructed it in Adobe Dreamweaver which means I had to figure out code and all that crazy stuff. I learned enough to be dangerous and get a site up but that was about it.  I knew I needed a new website and I knew I needed to change my approach, so I looked into WordPress. I viewed a number of videos and decided to pick a theme for my WordPress site called Vantage. There is a video on YouTube that walks you through the basic setup, but what I liked about it was that it had this thing called site builder on it. The site builder basically allows you to design the Home Page in pretty much anyway you want and makes it pretty easy to do.  I did opt for the premium version of Vantage which was $5.00 because it gives a few extra bits to play with. So here is my site. It is fully responsive which my old site wasn’t. I also have a new blog and a sign up form for a newsletter that I will be starting. The other great thing about these WordPress sites is how easy it is to update. So stay tuned and I will keep the updates coming.

Here is the video of the Vantage site set up:



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